Nicholas is the author of three books about shamanism and the medicine traditions and also has written man y articles over the years.

Some of these articles can be found HERE, and are free to download

SACRED DRUMS OF SIBERIA - The Soul of the Shaman

Paperback book by Nicholas Breeze Wood.

Described by Michael Harner as "An important contribution to the study of shamanism" - the book contains many photographs of Siberian shamans and their drums, many of which have never published in the West before.

The book contains fascinating insights into the making, use and sacred care of shamanic drums, and is perhaps the definitive book on the subject.....'

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The Visual Art of Nicholas Breeze Wood a retrospective

Paperback book by Nicholas Breeze Wood.

A retropsective book about the paintings and diggital art of Nicholas Breeze Wood.

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Signed copies available - email to say who to make the dedication to if you want is signed.

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Godsfield Press 2000. Hardback 148 pages. Large format - Full Colour.

- Working with Spirit Powers
- Teachings of the Medicine Wheel
- Creating your own Ceremonies
- Sacred Craftwork
- Shamanic Journeys
- Making Medicine Bundles
- Making and using Drums and Rattles
- The Sacred Pipe

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Barron's Books 2001. Hardback 128 pages - Full colour.

- Calling to the Spirits
- Personal balance and Medicine
- Healing the Past
- Sacred Ceremonies
- Being With The Land
- Finding Personal Vision
- Dreaming
- Developing Shamanic Awareness